10 LinkedIn myths busted!

OK – so you’re an advanced user of LinkedIn, feel like you know how it works, try to do all the right things…but the traction you want hasn’t materialised.

With so much conflicting information and many myths out there that quickly gain momentum (and become “truth”), it’s easy for even the most seasoned LinkedIn user to feel confused.

For advanced users, I wanted to share these insights and de-bunk some of the myths:

Myth #1: Don’t bother with company pages – they don’t work  

FALSE: Not only is this myth not true, there are just three great reasons for having a company page for SME’s:

  1. Linking your profile to a company page increases search rankings
  2. It ‘claims’ your company name
  3. Great for brand positioning

Myth #2: Just post good content, don’t worry about the algorithm  

FALSE: Good content is a great start, but if it’s not posted in a LinkedIn friendly manner, you won’t reach the eyeballs you need. Algorithm-friendly content simply reaches more people

Myth #3: You can only get somewhere on LinkedIn if you have 30,000 connections  

FALSE: (But you DO need to take action here):  Former head of Global Communications at LinkedIn, Koka Sexton, said “visibility  gives opportunity on LinkedIn”. But everyone has to start somewhere. So, take the base you have and make the effort to grow your network.

Myth #4: Nobody is Interested in my story  

FALSE: The Aboriginal Dreamtime stories lasted millions of years, so stories are powerful and fundamental to being human. Stories entertain and helps us remember and recall vital information. BUT… keep them relevant and strategic.

Myth #5: Pods are LinkedIn suicide  

FALSE-ish: LinkedIn Pods have developed a reputation as a place to manipulate the LinkedIn algorithm. Most groups ARE like this however, some are very supportive where JVs and referrals are facilitated. All the big influencers on the platform have been involved in pods at some point over the last 3 years…  and many still are!

Myth #6: Join groups or start a group on LinkedIn  

FALSE: Despite LinkedIn promising to improve Groups for some time, they still haven’t altered the algorithms and notifications enough to make groups worthwhile.

Myth #7: Posting external links on LinkedIn sends you to “LinkedIn Jail” 

FALSE: This was the case, however since the Dwell Time algorithm of May 2020, it’s no longer true, external links are no longer suppressed. Engagement on your posts may be gone down but traffic to your site may be up.

Myth #8: Sharing other people’s content suppresses the algorithm  

FALSE: It’s just not logical for LinkedIn algorithms to suppress shared content. However, studies and surveys suggest that users don’t like shared content. This means users aren’t engaging rather than algorithmic suppression.

Myth #9: Spending an hour a day on LinkedIn is all you need  

FALSE: LinkedIn should be an organic platform to engage in conversation and build business relationships. Chatting with someone back and forth flows better if it’s organic and timely. A message that receives a response once every 24 hours doesn’t have the conversational flow that’s needed to build rapport.

Myth #10: Using digital agencies or software will Guarantee you x leads a day  

FALSE: (And dangerous!): Many agencies engage casual staff and use templates or banned automation bots for mass messaging campaigns. Quantity – Yes. Quality – no. Mass messaging can ruin potential relationships and have your account flagged for spam and even potential removal.

Author: LinkedIn trainer Jillian Bullock. This article was first published on Inside Small Business.