From 12RND to UBX – and international expansion

By Domini Stuart | 22 Jun 2022 View comments

Australian World Champion Boxer Danny Green and fitness and technology entrepreneur Tim West are set to open 250 UBX (pronounced “you-box”) gyms across the UK and Ireland – the outcome of a GBP 50 million strategic partnership with Empowered Brands.

They’re also rebranding their 12RNS Australian gyms in Australia to tie local franchises in with the international network located in New Zealand and Southeast Asia and soon to expand into the US as well as the UK.

The rebrand will roll out through a major media campaign across outdoor, online and PR over the coming months. The campaign is designed to raise brand awareness of UBX and communicate its “group training and no class timetables” model.

The fastest growing boxing franchise

Local and global expansion will make UBX the second largest – and fastest growing– boxing franchise. A UBX gym is predicted to open every seven days over the next 12 months

“We’ve always set our sights on becoming the world’s largest boxing community, and we want to introduce the physical and mental health benefits of boxing to as many people as possible,” Green says. “More people than ever are discovering boxing through our gyms, and finding out why it’s such an effective form of fitness. Once widely perceived as intimidating, boxing now looks far more diverse, inclusive and accessible than ever before.”

A popular way to stay fit

UBX provides the benefits of a traditional boxing workout without the risks of taking punches or suffering head trauma.

“We knew a lot of people were intimidated by the pure boxing experience – stepping into the ring,” West said. “So we created a non-contact boxing and functional strength training program for people of all ages and abilities in a group environment. Our members just turn up and train – without the need to book into a class. It’s world-class boxing workouts, ready when you are.”