30 high-tech new KFC stores on the way

By Nick Hall | 24 Feb 2020 View comments

The Colonel is on the move. Iconic fast food franchise KFC is set to launch 30 new high tech restaurants across Australia. The new KFC stores will lead the next chapter of expansion for the global chicken chain, complemented an innovative secret menu.

All states across the country, barring Western Australia will welcome new KFC stores, with the initial roll out beginning with Canberra City, Kings Cross and Glen Waverley.

The launch ushers in new era of transformative change for KFC, following the success of the chain’s drive-through only concept stores.

Unveiled late last year, the inaugural store in Newcastle featured five un-manned lanes, with customers encouraged to order online or through the KFC app, prior to arriving at the store.

Speaking at the time, Inara Gravitis, chief development officer at KFC Australia said brand had introduced the concept as a means of adapting to evolving consumer preferences.

“We are continually looking for ways to offer our customers even faster and more convenient ordering. KFC is committed to investing in technology and innovative restaurant designs,” she told Inside Franchise Business.

“Since launching the app in 2013, it’s been downloaded more than 1.3 million times, making our customers’ ordering experience as customisable, convenient and time-saving as possible.

The Newcastle outlet was a hit from day one, and just weeks later, a second drive-through only store was launched in Mt Gambier, South Australia. It seems now, after months of sustained growth, KFC is finally ready to take the initiative nationwide.

New KFC stores

The new KFC stores won’t just be a copy and paste situation either. Kristi Woolrych, KFC South Pacific Chief marketing officer told News Corp Australia that the brand is significantly bolstering its digital and online capabilities to provide a unique customer experience.

‘We are actively focused on looking at tech in our equipment and looking at cook times and hold times so that the quality of our food can be delivered as quickly as possible without compromising taste,’ Woolrych said.

Further to that, Woolrych revealed that a host of secret menu items are starting to make the rounds on social media. Fans are taking advantage of the KFC app’s exclusive products, such as the Triple Stacker Burger.

‘What’s really exciting is the secret menu, it’s been a huge hit with app users this year and we’ll continue to innovate there, and drop new products every month,’ Woolrych told News Corp.

The new KFC stores are set to launch throughout the year, with the brand also revealing plans to roll out healthier options are in the works.