Aussie fast tracks franchise recruitment plan

Aussie has launched a bold expansion plan to recruit 200 new brokers in 2020 and increase retail stores to 300 nationally by 2023.

The resilience of the brand’s business model during the COVID-19 crisis has led the mortgage broker to take this major step in expansion.

The aggressive expansion program features a national advertising campaign promoting the benefits of joining the Aussie franchise network.

This recruitment campaign in both city and regional areas is part of the brand’s heavy investment in technology, marketing, and broker support.

As it taps into talent from various skilled backgrounds to grow its network of store-based brokers, the franchise is offering cashflow support to each new successful recruit during their first six months. 

James Symond, Aussie CEO, said ““Our brokers are self-employed, however they are far from operating alone. We have always provided industry leading training, support, and mentoring to help them get their businesses up and running. We believe providing our newest brokers remuneration during this period will help give them the kick start they need to become successful and long-term brokers with Aussie.

“We are striving to grow by providing opportunities for more small businesses to join and thrive in the Aussie network as the country works together to bring the economy back online,” said Symond.

“We see there is an opportunity for Australians from both finance and non-finance backgrounds, who may have recently been made redundant or stood down, to choose a new professional path,” he added.

Aussie has more than 210 stores and over 900 brokers across Australia.