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Can we learn to be entrepreneurs?


It’s an age-old question with new-found relevance in a Covid world: can entrepreneurialism be taught? I would suggest that yes, entrepreneurialism can be taught in one way or another. However,

What does the Burger King rebrand look like?


Burger King has redesigned its brand including its logo, food packaging and restaurants in order to reflect improvements such as eliminating preservatives, the fast food chain announced on Thursday. “We’ve

Cash Converters buys back Melbourne City franchise


Second-hand goods chain Cash Converters has acquired its Melbourne City franchise. This follows the Morley (WA) acquisition in October 2020 and is forecast to deliver a statutory NPAT uplift during the

Top e-commerce trends that will drive 2021


2020 has transformed the world, and businesses have been forced to move and evolve with countless new e-commerce procedures. This evolution is only the beginning, and agile businesses that continue

12RND’s Tim West shares 7 ways to make 2021 a bumper year


Are you ready to accelerate your business and make 2021 a bumper year? Tim West, MD at fitness brand 12RND, shares his plans for the year ahead. 1. Accelerate growth Coming

The best (practical!) ways to help your potential franchisees get finance in 2021


Franchised businesses have a greater rate of success than independent start-ups. High brand awareness and reputation, access to working capital from franchisees, efficiencies in marketing, training and product development, established

Casual employment: what will it look like in the future?


Just when we thought the employment landscape couldn’t get any more complicated in 2020 the casual employment definition is being challenged. Employers have been thrown a curve ball with what

What to read, listen to and watch over Christmas


What are you going to read, listen to or watch through the festive season? Check out these recommendations from fellow franchise citizens. Ben Flintoff, GM, Baskin-Robbins (Palm Oasis Ventures) Business:

5 digital essentials to take your franchise to the next level 


As we near the end of 2020 (wait, did you say end?), many franchise owners have turned their attention to what comes next. The pandemic has heavily impacted franchises –

How to avoid the top online marketing errors for your business


As consumers continue to make the switch to online buying, businesses are spending more time and money focusing on the quality of their website and digital marketing strategy. However, a