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4 ways to create business certainty


The pandemic has created immeasurable stress and uncertainty for businesses and unfortunately, there is no road map or ‘cheat sheet’ to get through to the other side. Some businesses will

How small businesses can embrace the “Metaverse”


As someone who owns a small business, and works with other women-owned small businesses, I can understand some of the apprehension about Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. Much of the criticism

Embedding SMEs’ resilience skills for success during times of significant change


After months of working from home, most teams have developed and implemented productivity hacks and become masters of the mute button. But SME leaders should not ignore the toll the

Fun Tea multi-unit operator faces court


The operator of three bubble tea outlets in the Adelaide CBD has been summonsed to face court for allegedly underpaying its staff more than $186,000. Facing court is Yuxuan Group

Why small business owners should focus on the good and not the bad


You’ve just delivered a project on time and under budget, but for some reason, that voice turns up and starts a story that sticks hard and diminishes all the good.

New Victorian Small Business Commissioner appointed


The Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) has announced Lynda McAlary-Smith has been appointed as its commissioner. McAlary-Smith is noted as an experienced public service executive, having served as Acting Deputy

How to find out your State’s revenue downturn benchmark to access Covid-19 support


Since the pandemic’s arrival, many Australian states have faced the ongoing challenge of shifting lockdowns. And, as a result, several new support packages have been announced to help the millions

CPA calls for SME support from government, post-Covid


Australia’s leading professional accounting body, CPA Australia, is urging the Federal Government to develop an ongoing support network for businesses when they come out of lockdown to help them transition

SMEs expect revenue growth: latest report reveals post-Covid recovery progress


After more than a year of struggling through the challenges of the global pandemic, new research suggests that Australian SMEs are getting back on track towards recovery. According to the Banjo

10 LinkedIn myths busted!


OK – so you’re an advanced user of LinkedIn, feel like you know how it works, try to do all the right things…but the traction you want hasn’t materialised. With