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Why Australia’s ‘great resignation’ is a myth: The Conversation


In the wake of a jump in the proportion of workers quitting jobs in the United States – dubbed the “Great Resignation” – Australia’s media has been warning of a

Company directors can’t serve two masters: what went wrong at AusPost


Shareholder primacy is often said to be the guiding principle of corporations. The idea is that they exist to benefit their shareholders by providing dividends and capital gains, the more

Drop in insolvencies and bankruptcies is a ticking time bomb


The vast arsenal of fiscal, monetary and legal measures used by Australian governments to offset the COVID-induced economic crisis have worked well. They did not prevent a recession (popularly defined

On the road to Covid normal: the easing of regional Victoria’s restrictions signals hope for Melbourne too


From 11.59pm tomorrow (September 16), regional Victoria will take the third step out of COVID-19 restrictions, Premier Daniel Andrews announced today. According to the roadmap revealed last weekend, the move

Australia is under sustained cyber attack, warns the government. What’s going on, and what should businesses do?


Prime Minister Scott Morrison had some alarming news for Australians this morning: we are under cyber attack. He informed the nation the attacks “hadn’t just started”, and that Australian businesses

A greener economy: how we make sustainability central to business 


The coronavirus pandemic could change the world in ways that were unimaginable only a few short months ago. While the climate crisis has been temporarily knocked off the front pages,

Businesses get extension for instant asset write-off


In its latest move to spur business investment, the government will extend its $150,000 instant assets write-off until the end of the year. The six-months extension, which will be legislated,

The economy in 7 graphs. How a tightening of wallets pushed Australia into recession


A go-slow on spending sent the economy backwards 0.3% in the first three months of this year, only the fourth such decline since Australia was last in recession in the

Working out at home works for women – so well they might not go back to gyms


Digital fitness is enjoying a COVID-19 boom. Online fitness technology provider Virtuagym reports a 400 per cent increase in engagement and a 300 per cent increase in the use of

Coronavirus has turned retail therapy into retail anxiety: keeping customers calm will be key to carrying on


So you finally hit the shops and cafes after weeks of lockdown. After disinfecting your hands, following the arrows around the shop or to your table, taking care to avoid