Carl’s Jr. international award winner shares expansion tips

By Nick Hall | 23 Apr 2019 View comments

Carl’s Jr. Australian licence holder The Bansal Group has this week achieved international recognition for its work in Queensland.

Parent company CKE Restaurants presented The Bansal Group with the International Developer of the Year award. The prestigious honour is handed to the international franchise company that has made the most significant contribution to the growth and development of the CKE System during the fiscal year.

Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, CKE operates over 3800 restaurants under the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s banner.

Gaurav Bansal, director The Bansal Group said it was an honour to be recognised by the parent company.

“It’s been a massive year for our team, and we couldn’t be prouder to receive this accolade. There are some incredible franchisors within the network, many of whom I admire as industry leaders, so it’s a great honour for both our team and myself personally,” Bansal said.

The Bansal Group in 2018

In 2018, The Bansal Group added a whopping six new restaurants to the network, with a seventh opening in January 2019.

While expansion has primarily focused on South-East Queensland, The Bansal Group is looking to further its reach.

A new location in Riverview is set to open in May, along with the Group’s first Central Queensland location in Rockhampton later this year.

“Based on our strong sales record and the positive reception we’ve received this year, we’ll continue moving forward and introduce new locations across this state,” Bansal said.

“We’ll also continue opening new locations around the greater Brisbane area, as we find the right sites and consumer demand.”

Tips for expansion

Expansion has come thick and fast for the group, which Bansal credits to the team’s extensive development process.

“Franchisors looking to expand their network should conduct extensive research to forecast the growth and development in each considered area,” Bansal said.

“In addition to the location, it’s equally important to research your target market and how to reach them. Understanding your consumers is the best predictor for long-term success. Each location we open is based on extensive site research, which is critical in maximising profitability. We weigh factors such as growth potential, area accessibility and demographics to determine whether or not to break ground.”

The influence of international franchise brands

The Bansal Group has also made headlines recently, announcing it had secured the rights to fellow U.S. franchise chain, Cinnabon.

Bansal explained that while Australians had taken to the model successfully, bringing an international chain down under was not without its challenges.

“A brand’s ability to globalise, whether it’s from the U.S, the U.K or otherwise, is all to do with if it has a market in that particular region and if they can replicate their unique selling point in a way that resonates with that region’s consumers,” Bansal said.

“Being born in the U.S. marketplace, the Carl’s Jr. brand has tenacity. We’ve had to overcome great challenges in our category to compete with the other QSRs in the States and worldwide. As a result, we have experience in creating and keeping happy customers. I think that sort of influence will continue to grow and shape the way that Australians choose to dine.”