Baskin-Robbins’ boss exits business

By Sarah Stowe | 16 Jun 2021 View comments

Baskin-Robbins’ boss in Australia, Ben Flintoff, is to exit the business in July after a decade with the ice-cream franchise.

Flintoff’s departure brings a fresh opportunity for his replacement, current national marketing manager Julian Casa, who will take on the GM role on 2 July 2021.

Flintoff told Inside Franchise Business Executive “Julian takes over in July. We’ve been working together for some time. We’re in a very strong position, I’m leaving very sound financials and I’m proud of the body of work.”

He leaves the franchise and hospitality sector which he has been a part of for more than 15 years, including five years as a bb’s cafe franchisee, to move into a new sector, renewable energy.

“It’s exciting. I’ve been passionate about sustainability for a long time and didn’t see there would be an opportunity to move into that space. I invested in a business focused on renewal energy and property tech and the chance to work with them came up.

“This is really important, someone has to put their hand up and say ‘we have to solve this’. I’m protecting the future of my children.”

Flintoff said of all his achievements during his 10-year stint at Baskin-Robbins, it is franchise partner profitability that he is most proud of.

“When I inherited the business, 75 per cent of the network was probably not making the average wage. Now it’s 90 per cent who are well above that, they’ve got good businesses. I’ve got multi-store partners who believe in the business, who are wanting to grow more stores.

“The belief in the brand has got momentum. I thought it would take two years, it took five to achieve,” he said. “It’s a legacy. Franchisee partners need a strong franchisor; we need to be strong to support the network.”

  • Flintoff was this year listed at number two in the Top 30 Franchise Executives Report 2021, which you can download for free here.