Body Sculpting Clinics ramps up franchise recruitment

By Sarah Stowe | 15 Nov 2021 View comments

Body Sculpting Clinics is hitting its straps, ramping up franchise recruitment with a plan to nearly double its outlet footprint in 2022.

The company’s sixth clinic and first site outside Sydney has just opened in Newcastle and there is a target of five more clinics to open across Australia’s eastern seaboard in 2022.

Speaking to Inside Franchise Business Executive, founders Ben and Dominika Gialouris emphasised a moderate expansion course focusing on profitability is steering the business.

“We’re here to drive profitable clinics with sustainable growth,” said Ben. “We need to ensure we are scaling at the right pace, it is all about making sure we have expertise, experience and branding.”

He said growth has been organic so far however to step up the expansion the couple are working with DC Strategy on an expansion strategy.

“We’re now at a spot where the growth and demand is moving rapidly for treatment and franchisees and partners. The key driver is the site, and the partner selection is essential,” said Ben.

Body Sculpting Clinics offers a 50/50 joint venture opportunity for franchisees.

“We can never sacrifice quality and safety and we need to be price competitive. We’re the Qantas of the market, but at entry level,” said Ben.

Franchise buyers will be paying between $250,00 and $350,00 to invest in a clinic.

The business has created a niche market, as the name suggests, focused clearly on body treatments.

Dominika said “We do a few things really well and that always will be our focus. I don’t believe you can be a jack of all trades you need to be focused on your specialisation.

“Clients know what we do and that we do it well. We’re growing profitably for franchisees.”

Finding the right partner extends to the suppliers, team members, even clients, Ben said.

“We operate ethically, looking after our team and customers.’

It is also part of the plan to encourage team members to buy their own clinic.