Bruce Billson leaves FCA

By Sarah Stowe | 14 Dec 2018 View comments

Retiring FCA chair Bruce Billson will finish up as a director of the organisation at the end of December 2018.

Billson will remain available to the FCA on an ongoing basis as required.

In a note to members, the CEO Mary Aldred thanked Billson for his efforts “on our behalf, steering the FCA through difficult times and helping us put in place a strong executive team”.

Bruce Billson said “Supporting this vital mission has been a challenging, worthwhile and character-building journey for me over the more than two and a half years that I have had the honour and privilege to led the FCA as executive chairman.”

He continued “It has been very satisfying working alongside our membership, executive team, fellow directors and stakeholders to advance the cause of franchising in heavy seas, and inspired by the belief that successful franchisees are the foundation of healthy franchising, now and increasingly so into the future.”