Bruce McFarlane joins BDC Partners as CEO

By Domini Stuart | 29 Jun 2022 View comments

From 1 July, Bruce McFarlane will join BDC Partners full time as CEO. He previously headed up one of BDC’s founding partners, BlueRock.

McFarlane will be working on growing the business with co-founders Jon Sully and David Lindsay and, together with fellow legal director, Melissa Strain, and practice manager Belinda Carlesso, he will establish a dedicated legal service for the franchise sector.

A seamless service

BDC Partners was founded in 2020 by a group of people who have successfully built and sold businesses, taken risks, made mistakes, scaled quickly and exited problem franchisees.

Over the last two years, the company has engaged quality advisors who have helped franchisors to navigate COVID-19 lockdowns and legislative updates, and to take opportunities to expand. These include BlueRock’s franchise experts across accounting, finance, digital and insurance services. 

Experienced practitioners Rori Kokken and Nic Houbart are now working alongside David Lindsay. Later last year, Tanya Robertson began helping prospective franchisors to develop their systems, and mentoring emerging franchisors and their leaders.

The company also uses Zorakle Profiling software to help franchisors recruit quality franchisees by matching prospects to the workstyle, culture, values and competencies of franchise systems’ top-performing franchisees. 

This model allows BDC Partners to provide an integrated service linking franchisors, franchisees, landlords and lenders.   

“Uncertainty is a daily reality for franchisors,” McFarlane said. “At BDC Partners, additional resourcing and experience will further support business owners to take the focus away from the risks and place it back on business growth.”