Budget 2021 sets road to recovery, says Franchise Council

Federal Government has listened to small business and implemented policy critical for the road to recovery in its 2021 Budget.

That’s the view of the Franchise Council of Australia which believes proposed changes to digital technology will allow small business to access critical tools to streamline interpretation of employment awards and industrial relations regulation. 

FCA CEO Mary Aldred said “The feedback I get from small business is that the Award system is too complicated. The biggest hurdle is understanding which award is applicable to them.” 

Aldred is confident the new tools will help ease the issue.

“The Attorney General’s changes, which allow them to understand which Award is applicable to their industry and ensure they are compliant, is a step in the right direction,” she said.

“The FCA has worked constructively with the Attorney General on this issue and she  has listened to the feedback from small business and franchises. We hope these tools will be implemented as soon as possible.”

Aldred added, “The pandemic has seen business adjust to more agile systems embracing a digital way of working. The FCA particularly commends the Government’s decision to  promote electronic invoicing.” 

The Government anticipates that the change to electronic invoicing will save up to $20 dollars per invoice.

“Any saving to small business will help growth and encourage employment, especially in regional areas,” said Aldred. “Post pandemic recovery will rely to a large degree on the digital revolution to facilitate economic growth.”