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Why reliability matters in small business


There is nothing more frustrating as a customer than when a business makes an empty promise, is unreliable, or gives out wrong information. Not only does that business risk losing

Scaling your brand: is franchising in your future?


Franchising is a popular model for growing a business but not all businesses are suited to the franchise model. An overlooked aspect of turning a business into a franchise is

Social media marketing trends for 2022


It’s that time again! New social media platforms and trends emerge as 2021 closes in. If your business is using social media, it’s imperative to keep tabs on the ongoing

How small businesses can embrace the “Metaverse”


As someone who owns a small business, and works with other women-owned small businesses, I can understand some of the apprehension about Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. Much of the criticism

The ultimate test to settle the “hire or outsource” debate


When it comes to delegating work in your business, you can approach it the same way you would a relationship. Do you keep your options open and outsource to the

How to keep your staff and avoid the Great Resignation


It’s coming. Or so we’ve been told. The Great Resignation in 2022 is expected to see about 40 per cent of the workforce resign from current roles and seek new

2021’s biggest fintech trends – and what’s coming in 2022


Last year we made several predictions for fintech in 2021. At that time, we’d had nearly a year of Covid lockdowns, and the world had changed overnight almost beyond recognition. Consequently,

3 ways to maximise franchise recruitment as brands gear up for New Year surge in enquiries


Franchises are gearing up for the promise of a big 2022 in franchise recruitment, sparked in part by a predicted high rate of employees leaving their jobs. While Australian academics have

Why Australia’s ‘great resignation’ is a myth: The Conversation


In the wake of a jump in the proportion of workers quitting jobs in the United States – dubbed the “Great Resignation” – Australia’s media has been warning of a

Embedding SMEs’ resilience skills for success during times of significant change


After months of working from home, most teams have developed and implemented productivity hacks and become masters of the mute button. But SME leaders should not ignore the toll the