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How to offer the uber-immediate customer experiences today consumers expect and demand


Are you liable to get antsy if a text message that you’ve sent goes unanswered for a couple of hours or more? You and a growing number of your fellow

How to leverage holidays and awareness days in digital media marketing


There are endless #World, #International and #National holidays and awareness days, weeks and months, which all present great digital marketing opportunities for businesses in any industry. Taking advantage of these

The insights behind instincts in business


Resilience, adaptability and innovation are just some of the many characteristics associated with Australian small businesses. One of the biggest, but often overlooked traits, is instinct. While there are numerous

Crisis support kit: how to help beyond thoughts and prayers


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a particular intensity this week. Globally, we have the angst of the unfolding situation in the Ukraine, and its heartbreaking impact

Why sharing your personal story makes good business sense


Did you know that as a business owner your values, ethics and in some cases, your political views effect whether or not customers purchase from your company? Think about it.

The eight essential pillars of eCommerce to grow your online business


Recent environmental factors have accelerated the shift of small businesses to online to survive. Growing online has challenges with the complexities of the environment and inconsistent results. For small businesses

Why reliability matters in small business


There is nothing more frustrating as a customer than when a business makes an empty promise, is unreliable, or gives out wrong information. Not only does that business risk losing

Scaling your brand: is franchising in your future?


Franchising is a popular model for growing a business but not all businesses are suited to the franchise model. An overlooked aspect of turning a business into a franchise is

Social media marketing trends for 2022


It’s that time again! New social media platforms and trends emerge as 2021 closes in. If your business is using social media, it’s imperative to keep tabs on the ongoing

How small businesses can embrace the “Metaverse”


As someone who owns a small business, and works with other women-owned small businesses, I can understand some of the apprehension about Facebook’s rebrand to Meta. Much of the criticism