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Beginners’ guide to claiming retail tax deductions


Running a business is hard enough without getting caught up in the complexities of the tax system. So, to make things simpler, H&R Block has produced a beginners’ guide to the tax deductions all retail businesses should be looking to claim.

Understanding your payroll obligations


Managing your payroll can be a mine field and daunting for new business owners. If you speak to any seasoned payroll officer, they’ll tell you that they receive no complaints when things are going well, but it can be a very different story when mistakes are made.

Are your franchisees skipping their super payments?


Here’s why skipped Super happens and how you can help franchisees avoid this problem.

What the franchise buyer wants to hear, and what you need to tell them


Is there a disconnect between what prospective franchisees want to hear from their franchisor and advisors and what they need to know?

Don’t despair! Why you need to fix these franchisee payroll issues


New regulations have increased liability for franchisors in some circumstances. While that might be scary, feigning ignorance of serious poor payroll practices is not the answer.

3 steps to cashflow clarity


If you do nothing else with your business financials, get these three key numbers every month to help you gain clarity, confidence and control of your business finances, writes Tania Byrnes.

Why franchisees underpay staff and how to halt the bad behaviour


Why are franchisees underpaying staff? Are these workplace breaches a result of unprofitable franchise systems, franchisee greed or simple mistakes?

Five tips to get you on target in 2017


What did you accomplish in 2016? Did you achieve all that you set out to do?

3 ways to improve working capital


How does your franchise shape up when it comes to working capital? Only eight percent of Australian organisations have real-time working capital and cash visibility. Is your franchise among them?

Are you on top of the changes to business tax?


How will the changes to business taxation have an impact on your business? Andrew Burns and Steven Toth from HLB Mann Judd report.