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Five things I’ve learned about growing a franchise network


The biggest mistake many new franchisors make when structuring a business, is failing to model the business from the franchisee’s perspective.

6 ways to deliver franchisee-friendly marketing


When it comes to providing marketing support to franchisees, there are a wide range of services that franchisors use to differentiate their offering in the market.

Don’t let your franchisees lose hope


Four tips that promotes a positive franchisee mindset.

Succession planning for your franchise


How do you ensure a family business can survive beyond its founders? The step from being a family owned and controlled business to establishing a new board of directors can be daunting.

How to get the most from a franchise field visit


Are you adding value to your business by the leadership you offer franchisees or are you merely just ticking off another box, another item, on a seemingly endless to do list?

Corporate Governance: who needs it and why do it?


Corporate governance is a crucial part of managing a growing and successful business but many small business owners overlook the need for and benefits from corporate governance.