Check-in app for cafes, building sites, shopping centres the new normal?

By Sarah Stowe | 28 May 2020 View comments

A software firm has introduced an app, 1Breadcrumb, that tracks customer visits as they check in and out of restaurants and businesses they visit.

Founder Paul Willson said reopening Australia for business means ensuring venues can feel confident in quickly tracing impacted patrons if there’s another outbreak of COVID-19.

“Businesses need to be able to access information about who has been on site, for how long, and who they interacted with – in case of a secondary outbreak,” he said.

Wilson suggests downloading the app could be a huge benefit to tracing coronavirus, supplementing the government’s COVID-Safe app.

“If a person downloads this there is a history of where and when they checked in. If they are diagnosed, they can turn around and say where they have been. 

The platform was developed with built-in GEO-fencing, allowing for businesses to easily and securely manage an automatic checking process whilst ensuring the privacy of visitors.

Customers can tap in to record their visit to a venue and the app automatically checks them out on departure. Returning customers’ attendance is recorded automatically.

Wilson told Inside Franchise Business the information goes into an encrypted server that only the business has access to.

He said the app can also act as a workplace mapping tool in situations where managers who visit multiple sites aren’t required by the business to check in.

1Breadcumb could also be used to record temperatures if businesses are using temperature checks.

Five restaurants have already signed up to the new software.

The app isn’t just suitable for the hospitality industry however. Among the companies already using the platform is Porter Davis homes.

The business is piloting the app across all its construction sites and display homes where foot traffic is currently down by 90 per cent.

Business owners can also use the tool as a marketing channel with pop-up videos or instant restaurant reviews creating an opportunity to engage immediately with the user.

The app also acts as a virtual wallet, storing a user’s ID details such as a driving licence or White Card.

1breadcrumb is offering the platform free to all not for profit and community/sporting organisations.