Clark Rubber mobile-only model launches

By Nick Hall | 30 Aug 2019 View comments

Iconic Australian franchise Clark Rubber has unveiled a network-first, rolling out a mobile service van only model.

Anthony Grice, Clark Rubber CEO said that while all larger format retail stores housed at least one service van, this was the first time the pool, rubber and spa specialist had offered the stand-alone model.

“Being a pool, foam and rubber specialist, we saw that there was an opportunity to greatly expand our pool service offering. At the moment, all of our larger format stores have a van attached, in some cases, several, but this is the first time we are offering a fully mobile-only model,” Grice said.

“We really wanted to leverage our heritage as a successful franchise brand. What this model does is allows us to not only scale our network, but also add fresh blood to the mix.”

Reduced entry point

In addition to network-innovation, the new Clark Rubber mobile-only model also offers a significantly reduced entry point.

Priced around the $50,000 mark, excluding van, Grice said the new Clark Rubber mobile-only model opens the door for a new category of candidate, one that may have previously found it difficult to raise the capital for a retail-format store.

“It’s true that the type of candidate that is interested in this model will be very different than those of our larger format, which can require a much larger financial investment. They may be at a different stage of their life, or have different goals and skillsets,” he said.

“We know that franchisees have a life-cycle, so by breaking down that barrier to entry we can provide a pathway.”

Clark Rubber mobile-only model launch

Launching at the Melbourne Franchising Expo over the weekend, the new Clark Rubber mobile-only model is also privy to an exclusive offer.

The brand is offering 10 franchisees the chance to join the network as a Clark Rubber mobile franchisee for just $25,000, all based around the Melbourne region.

“With these opportunities on offer, we are seeing a sense of urgency in that candidates can select their desired territory,” Grice said.

“If you look at Melbourne, places like Mornington, that’s where the money is, because we know there is propensity of pool owners there.”

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