Acai bar Delicia launches low-cost mobile franchise

By Nick Hall | 09 Dec 2019 View comments

Superfood and protein bar Delicia has taken its brand of health-conscious operation to the next level, launching two innovative low-cost mobile franchise formats.

Hitting the roads in early December is Delicia’s first mobile caravan, with two more of the low-cost mobile franchise options soon to launch in its home town of Adelaide. Scott Dempster, Delicia managing director said that the new low-cost mobile franchise format allowed more prospective franchisees to realise their dream of business ownership.

“Our mobile model has been something in our plan for quite some time and was always going to be an important part of our businesses progression, we just had some foundations to lay before launching it,” he told Inside Franchise Business.

“The timing is right for us now, and with enough resources to see it launch successfully across Australia, we thought ‘let’s do it!’ We have already been flooded with inquires; it’s actually very humbling.”

Delicia low-cost mobile franchise

Along with the mobile caravan model, which features a condensed version of the traditional Delicia menu, the brand is also rolling out an ‘Express’ mobile coffee model in January.

“Our boutique roasted, exclusive award winning coffee is crafted in Adelaide and it’s a massive part of our business,” Dempster said.

“We wanted to introduce a coffee trailer that featured an exclusive, limited product offering in a smaller footprint that could be towed behind a car. We’re big on towed over self-propelled, from an environmental perspective, but it’s also a numbers thing. We will always be low-cost opportunity because we want everyone to be able to open their own business.”

The acai and superfood bar has always had a firm grip on sustainable and affordable operation. Since launching in Adelaide in 2016, Delicia has employed a ‘planet over profit, people over numbers’ ethos, which has seen the brand adopt an innovative approach to fit-out.

Dempster revealed that while the new mobile models featured a significantly lower entry point, a bricks and mortar outlet was still an affordable $100,000 opportunity, doors open.

“We do this through sustainable fit-outs, where we use a lot of recycled materials,” he said.

“Additionally, the franchise fee is very low, and we do that as a way of showing that we’re in business together. My business is having stores open, not selling franchises and sailing into the sunset.”

According to Dempster, the caravan model is around $60,000 drive away, with the ‘Express’ coffee trailer at just $50,000.

Ideal franchisee

It’s a future-proofing move for the superfood café. With an offering that is strongly seasonal in nature, Dempster revealed that ensuring year-round success was key for bricks and mortar franchisees. The new low-cost mobile franchise formats allow existing franchisees to get out and make the most of the opportunity, while at the same time, provides entrepreneurs looking for a side-gig to kick-start for less.

“These kinds of people may be committed with mortgages or great careers and do not necessarily want to take the full risk of diving right into bricks and mortar business ownership but still have that entrepreneur itch that needs to be scratched,” Dempster said.

The new low-cost mobile franchise formats hit the road this December, kicking off in Adelaide, but Dempster revealed the future is wide-open for the new concept.

“Our goal is to see where the great people of Australia lead us!” he said.

“If we could see 12 to 18 on the roads over the next 12 months across both or Mobile ‘Delicia to You’ vans and our ‘Espresso’ trailers that would be absolutely amazing.”