Domino’s adds Call on Arrival technology

Domino’s has given its high-tech delivery service another boost, introducing a Call on Arrival feature.

Using an automated voice call system monitored by GPS tracking, the pizza giant’s new service aims to get customers poised to receive their hot pizza order moments before it arrives.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight has described time as “the enemy of food”, reiterating the brand’s operating ethos that every minute counts when delivering piping hot pizza.

“Ultimately, the longer a customer has to wait to bite into their first slice of pizza, the lower their satisfaction with the meal,” Knight explained.

“Domino’s Call on Arrival reduces the amount of time it takes customers to accept their order by triggering an automated voice call to the customer approximately two minutes before their Delivery Expert is expected to arrive at their door.”

Every Domino’s delivery vehicle across the country has the system installed, and a call is automatically  triggered as soon as the delivery driver is within 600 metres of their destination.

“For customers, this could mean providing enough notice to come downstairs if they live in an apartment building, to put the porch light on so their house can easily be located, to restrain their dog, prepare their payment method, or simply make sure they are dressed appropriately (trust me, we’ve seen it all!),” said Knight.

Knight said digital innovations like Call on Arrival were designed to deliver a rewarding and seamless customer experience.

“Domino’s digital technology plays an important role in improving the customer experience and helping team members be more accurate and efficient.”

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited has over the last few years used technology such as the Pizza Checker to lift customer service, and expectations.

It is the brand’s largest franchisee outside of the US, holding the master franchise rights to the brand and network in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Luxembourg and Denmark.