Domino’s TikTok Challenge the latest food franchise promotion: who else is getting in on the act?

Food franchises have been getting creative to keep business flowing and customers engaged in our new normal. Domino’s ‘Crust a Move’ TikTok Challenge, for example.

In this challenge contestants have the chance to win a year’s worth of free pizza, and the opportunity to  feature in a Domino’s TV commercial. To participate, consumers upload their own TikTok video sharing their happiness at the pizza arriving at their door.

Domino’s ANZ chief marketing officer Allan Collins said That exciting feeling you get when you watch your Domino’s Delivery Expert getting closer  to your house on GPS Driver Tracker and finally hear them opening the front gate is like no  other. After you reach the door, collect your pizza and wave goodbye, who can’t help but bust a sneaky move? 

“We want to see what Australia’s got! Better yet, your best moves and shakes might just land you with a year’s worth of pizza and a feature in our next national TV commercial!”  

Bubba Pizza is upping the ante too. This Melbourne-based pizza company has introduced a proxy service allowing someone to deliver a pizza to their loved-ones in lockdown: one family member’s face appears on an iPad connected to a delivery driver’s helmet. 

“This new service is a way to use our status as an essential service to give the people of Melbourne  something even more essential – a bit of a laugh, a pizza and a few smiles during what is a challenging time” said Damian Hopper, managing director of Bubba Pizza. 

“We are truly humbled by the continued support that our customers have given us during what’s been  a challenging period for small businesses. This face-time delivery service is our chance to say thank  you and give something back to the community by making the rest of lockdown a little better.” 

The opportunity is available until the end of Melbourne’s stage four lockdown restrictions. 

And for San Churro, connecting family and friends has also been the focus of a fun new limited-time initiative.

The dessert brand is gifting 20,000 of its new Churro Loops, accompanied by a personalised message to help family and friends stay connected across borders. Orders are taken online, and then picked up in-store by the recipient.

San Churro CEO Giro Maurici said “Over the past few months, all of us have felt the distance brought on by isolation. This week is all about reigniting those connections and keeping loved ones in the loop.”