Dymocks appoints franchise recruitment manager

By Sarah Stowe | 12 Jul 2021 View comments

Bookstore chain Dymocks has appointed a new franchise recruitment manager, Seth Leverton, to help build up the store footprint across Australia.

Leverton joins the heritage franchise network with two years’ experience in franchising as the VIC/TAS franchise recruitment manager for Aussie and as co-founder of the Quick Fit Health Clubs franchise.

He founded that business in 2010 with his wife Linda, an Australian triple jump champion and personal trainer. The Victorian gym group has since grown to 14 outlets.

Leverton told Inside Franchise Business Executive “I think given that Dymock’s has been n a business that hasn’t been in growth for a long time. I’ve started a franchise business and I’m not just slotting in to a vacant gap, I’ve got the ability to reinvent that and to build how it’s going to be done.

“I think the most important thing is being selective with the franchisees you bring in to the brand, not growing for the sake of it but staying true to your process and who you want on board as a franchisee.”

The Dymocks proposition is interesting for a recruitment manager, he said.

“You might think  ‘Aren’t bookstores dead?’ Then you look at the sales numbers, look at competitors who exited. The incumbents are doing really well, they’ve reinvented themselves with other sources of revenue. A big part is the online sales which is often fed through the stores.”

Seth Leverton joins Dymocks | Inside Franchise Business Executive

Seth Leverton joins Dymocks | Inside Franchise Business Executive

Leverton is confident the omni channel sales avenue is a good process for bookstores. He plans however to shake up the franchising aspect.

“I think that’s what I’m looking to change. What are some of the unique opportunities to come in to Dymocks stores and how do we present that to prospective franchises?”

With bookstores a ‘passion project’ rather than a financial tick-box option, owner operators are crucial to the recruitment drive, he said.

Leverton also plans to look at the store modelling.

“The barrier to entry may not be so high as it is being perceived, even at Dymocks,” he said. “We can lower that barrier of entry to get the right franchisees in. And provide some options to how make it work.”

In June Dymocks CEO Mark Newman told Inside Franchise Business Executive a three-year plan will see the book retailer add at least another 20 outlets to its current network of 50 stores.

The book store chain will be turning its attention to the north of the country as it boosts its regional locations, and continues to add suburban sites.