FCA and Snap Print & Design unite in Vaxxed for Freedom campaign

The Franchise Council of Australia has linked with Snap Print & Design in an initiative to boost Covid-19 vaccinations in businesses.

The ‘Vaxxed for freedom’ campaign features a simple pin badge so that those who are already vaccinated can demonstrate their support for others to take up the Covid vaccination.

FCA CEO Mary Aldred said “It’s a simple message that we want to get out – get vaxxed to get open. Get behind Australian small business by supporting the vaccination target as our best path out of Covid lockdowns.”

Proceeds from sale of the pins will be donated to COVAX, a joint initiative with the World Health Organisation  and Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations that is aimed at fair and equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines around the world.

As part of the campaign to support vaccination, Snap Printing is seeking other partners in franchising and across the business sector to get as many pins to Australians as possible.

“The FCA is pleased to work with Snap Printing to get the nation back in action and I urge our members to embrace this partnership and encourage Australians to get vaccinated,” Aldred said.

Government confirmed at the weekend that its plans for reopening Australian businesses rely on at least 80 per cent of Australians getting vaccinated.

On 21 September 47.7 per cent of Australians over the age of 16 were fully vaccinated, with 72.8 per cent with at least one dose of the vaccine.

According to the government website health.gov.au these are the state vaccination figures on 21 September:

ACT: 56.9% and 82.1%

Queensland: 61.0% 1st dose, 42.3% 2nd dose

New South Wales: 54.2% 1st dose, 83% 2nd dose

Northern Territory: 63.2% 1st dose, 48.2% 2nd dose

South Australia: 63.3% 1st dose, 44.7% 2nd dose

Tasmania: 71.9% 1st dose, 52.9% 2nd dose

Victoria: 73.5% 1st dose, 44.7% 2nd dose

Western Australia: 60.6% 1st dose, 42.3% 2nd dose.