Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses launches first drive-thru

By Sarah Stowe | 16 May 2022 View comments

Family-owned Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse has launched its first drive-thru bakery. The new concept was unveiled in South Morang, Victoria, and boasts new in-store branding.

The new store has a similar 120msq footprint to the regular bakeries. In addition to its drive-thru offer it is a full-service Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse.

CEO Steve Plarre said There is a real focus on speed and service at the drive thru window, with best-in-class processes that will lay the foundations for our 10-Star Drive Thru Franchise System. There is also an exciting new range of cold drink options including fresh frappes, pressed juice over ice and our amazing new Cake Shakes. 

Future drive-thru developments

“We will be using the opening of the first concept store to optimise the customer experience and embed it in future drive-thru locations. We’ve already ear-marked a number of locations for development.”  

The new concept will extend the brand’s expansion opportunities beyond strip and shopping centre locations. The busy site, a corner position on a road with three inbound and outbound lanes, will boost the brand’s visibility.

A new retail precinct will be built at the location with family-oriented services such as childcare and medical centres. The target market is likely to be aligned to the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse brand.

The offer is a fresh take too on the traditional fast food menus at many drive-thrus.

Plarre said “We believe there is a big opportunity to provide a genuine alternative to the fried chicken and burger heavy options that adorn most major roads. If you’re going to have a treat, why not make it a  good one.”