Fernwood Fitness achieves a four-star franchise rating

By Sarah Stowe | 27 Oct 2021 View comments

Fernwood Fitness is the latest Australian business to be ranked as a four star franchise on the Australian Franchise Rating Scale.

Ratings are allocated after an independent and fact-based assessment across seven key categories.

In achieving this strong rating, the franchise system was able to demonstrate a very high level of transparency and a very high level of franchise performance.

FRANdata’s Australian CEO, Darryn McAuliffe, commented “This strong rating reflects the ongoing achievements and appeal of the Fernwood Fitness system through multiple business cycles. The fitness industry has been adversely and heavily impacted during the pandemic but the Fernwood system and its franchisees have shown a remarkable level of resilience throughout the last one to two years.

“External surveys of the franchisee network also evidenced a very sound level of satisfaction and desire to continue in the Fernwood system”.

Fernwood Fitness founder Diana Williams said “I am delighted that we have been able to manoeuvre the company to operate strongly in spite of having been one of the worst hit industries throughout the pandemic.”

McAuliffe went on to say he expected heightened interest in Fernwood Fitness from the lending community given the franchise system is also making available comprehensive Bank Credit and Franchise Underwriting reports to lenders.

Rating assessment outcomes from the Australian Franchise Rating Scale are being delivered now to participating franchise systems and recorded The Australian Franchise Registry.