Fitstop reveals plan to double its footprint in 12 months

By Sarah Stowe | 27 Jan 2021 View comments

Fitstop aims to double its 43 franchised facilities across the country by the end of 2021.

Co-founder and CEO Peter Hull told Inside Franchise Business Executive the fitness chain has a stretch target of 100 outlets this year.

The first step in further expansion is the scheduled opening in late March of the first Western Australian facility, in Perth.

“We’ve sold five in WA, there’s a big focus to push out through the state by September,” said Hull.

Fitstop will also grow its footprint in its home state, Queensland, and Victoria before heading to New South Wales.

Hull said Victoria is a major focus. Throughout the pandemic franchisees maintained 80 percent of their membership base through an online platform,  and a fully customised app released at the start of Covid.

The business is now exceeding pre-Covid figures.

For the Brisbane-based business, the strategy has been all about finding close-knit communities in which to grow and develop the brand.

“We’ve got the systems and procedures to roll out but it’s important to tap into the local community.”

To that end, a customised approach is a big part of each opening.

The Fitstop business began franchising in 2017. The format is a series of 45-minute sessions, allowing members to burn calories, build lean muscle and progress athletic abilities within a fun and encouraging group training environment.

Hull would not comment on a recent media report on a split with co-founder Richard Bell.

“We’ve got a number of big opportunities which will help fast track growth which we can talk about in the next couple of months,” he said.