Oz Franchise launches as consultancy service

By Sarah Stowe | 18 May 2021 View comments

A specialist Australian franchise growth consultancy, Oz Franchise, has launched to help fledgling and established franchisors accelerate and exceed their growth objectives.

Franchise strategy, sales, leasing, funding and executive training are on offer from the newly-formed group headed up by franchise stalwart Bob Ozdemir.

“We believe that our services are perfect for brands looking for growth continuity in the new Covid world by being able to pivot their current development needs with a cost effective outsourced model,” Ozdemir told Inside Franchise Business Executive.

Oz Franchise aims to relieve franchisors workload and streamline internal operations and the balance sheet by stepping in as an external provider, including managing franchise growth from initial enquiry to the completion of purchase.

Bob Ozdemir has worked in franchising for three decades, with a record of network growth with clients such as Michel’s Patisserie, Sumo Salad, Mrs Fields and Pearl Home Care. He has also owned and operated a number of franchised retail stores.

Ozdemir is joined in the business by Frank Sassin, senior franchise finance & recruitment consultant, and George Sabados, retail operations & business performance specialist.

Well-versed in franchise funding accreditation as franchise manager at Westpac and NAB, Sassin brings more than 30 years’ experience in the franchise industry to his new role at Oz Franchise.

George Sabados has since 1998 specialised in retail entrepreneurship, re-training and establishing dynamic franchise teams with a sales driven mindset, and has worked with more than 20 franchise brands across the globe.