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Wage watch! 6 must-know employee award changes in 2020


The passing of the new year welcomed Australia into a fresh decade, and while many of us are still suffering the throes of the party season, industry regulators are already

“Complex system” not to blame for wage theft


Is Australia’s award system so complex major corporations capable of handling millions of customers and billions of dollars can’t manage to pay employees properly? That’s the spin flowing freely in

10 franchisee mistakes that frustrate franchisors


An article I recently wrote on 10 common franchisor mistakes that annoy franchisees generated a lot of interest.  But as we all know, franchising is a two-way relationship. To balance things out, here are some

How do franchisee-owned franchisors work?


Franchisee-owned franchisors are very rare, and account for probably less than five percent of the total number of franchise brands operating in Australia.  Fewer than 55 out of approximately 1,100 franchise

7 daily habits for peak performance


Which seven rituals could you employ to deliver peak performance in your business and your network? Paul Taylor, a former Royal Navy aircrew officer, exercise physiologist, and the director of

Official mediation advisors on hand…did you know?


Trained mediators can bring about a swift resolution in a franchise dispute. There’s even an office of Franchising Mediation Advisor to help things along. The mediation landscape has changed over

Keeping the faith: Why acting honestly is important


Franchise parties need to act honestly, exercise their powers reasonably and have regard to each other’s legitimate interests – in other words, act in good faith.

How does a franchise work?


Quite simply, a franchise is a method of distributing a business’s products or services.

10 workplace myths busted


The Fair Work Ombudsman regularly encounters mistaken beliefs about young worker payments. Here are the top 10 most common myths:

5 tips for a stress-free franchise this Christmas


Silver Chef’s national franchise manager, Andy Reeves, shares his top five festive tips for hospitality franchisees to have the most stress-free Christmas yet