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Wage watch! 6 must-know employee award changes in 2020


The passing of the new year welcomed Australia into a fresh decade, and while many of us are still suffering the throes of the party season, industry regulators are already

4 industry leaders on how to create a positive franchisee culture


In the modern business landscape, companies like to throw around the notion of culture, however in franchising, it’s more than just a buzzword. Creating a positive franchisee culture is critical

“Complex system” not to blame for wage theft


Is Australia’s award system so complex major corporations capable of handling millions of customers and billions of dollars can’t manage to pay employees properly? That’s the spin flowing freely in

10 franchisee mistakes that frustrate franchisors


An article I recently wrote on 10 common franchisor mistakes that annoy franchisees generated a lot of interest.  But as we all know, franchising is a two-way relationship. To balance things out, here are some

How to get franchisees loving your customer program


As a franchisor, it’s your responsibility to drive and execute a sustainable marketing strategy across your franchisee network. There are many challenges and frustrations actually making this work in practice,

5 ways franchisors can boost customer loyalty


Franchising, and indeed small business in general is highly dependent on returning customer trade. While some franchisors have been quick to implement customer loyalty programs, often to great success, there