Franchisees join the circular economy 

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Businesses adopt dehydrators to shrink food waste to fertiliser.

For years franchisees solution to getting rid of food waste has been to put it in dumpsters in the back alley or car park and have it collected weekly, even daily. It was smelly, unhygienic and unsightly, not to mention unhelpful to our environment.

Every year, Australians send over 5 million tonnes of food waste to landfill and when food goes into landfill, the environment suffers because of the carbon in food. When the carbon in your food waste goes to landfill, micro-organisms break them down producing methane gas. Methane gas is bad for the climate as it traps significantly more heat than carbon dioxide, and damages our ozone layer, causing climate change.  

Sustainability program enrich360

Sustainability program, enrich360® provides operators with unavoidable food waste like restaurants and fast food franchisees, with dehydration equipment, which reduces the volume of that waste by up to 93 per cent saving on storage space and collections.  The enrich360® dehydrator system, turbo-charges the food waste decomposition process. 

Food waste is simply loaded and the process thereafter is fully-automatic and takes approximately between 8 and 24 hours to complete depending on the size of the unit.  At the end of the process, the machine is emptied completely and is immediately ready to receive the next load.  enrich360® fertiliser and compost helps reduce soil degradation and helps grow better more nutritious produce.

enrich360® food waste dehydrators come in a variety of weight capacities from 22kg per day up to 1.1 tonne per day.  They are simple to use, compact (from under a metre footprint) and efficient.  enrich360® offers purchase, rent and rent-to-own options, along with generous government subsidies in some states, and enrich360®s reuse model reflects industry recommendations. 

For enrich360® CEO Dean Turner, “this isn’t just business, it’s a mission to help franchisees join the circular economy.”

Every food processing establishment involved in the enrich360® program, no matter how small their part, is a member of our circular economy.  Once you are up and running and reach the accreditation standards you will be able to undergo a Certification Audit and receive your enrich360® Accreditation.

For further information: or call Dean on 0499 360 360