How Brendan Green is driving Hire A Hubby to deliver better franchisee worklife balance

By Sarah Stowe | 13 Mar 2019 View comments

How does a franchisor step up and instigate change that makes a real difference to franchisees’ lives? In this podcast Brendan Green, CEO of Hire A Hubby, delivers insights into shifting mindsets to achieve better franchisee worklife balance.

In an established network with long term franchisees how do you shift the goalposts away from thinking that more business is always good?

How do you keep a worklife balance aligned to a sense of ambition?

In this podcast Brendan reveals how as CEO he spotted the need for change and implemented it.

He also shares how mental health issues have been brought out into the open across the handyman network.

Brendan explains how a secondary business, Franchise Cloud Solutions, developed from an internal project to better manage data across the Hire A Hubby network. And now he is taking this to the franchisor marketplace.

Listen here.