About Us

Inside Franchise Business Executive is dedicated to informing franchise professionals about the dynamic and ever-changing franchising sector, and engages with the audience through a variety of cross-media channels.

About us: what we do

Inside Franchise Business Executive is a digital delivery of industry news, brand developments, and hot topics in the sector,  dedicated to the franchise executive. Twice-weekly newsletters and social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) keep C-suite, management and support staff informed about industry trends and best practice.

Inside Franchise Business Top 30 Franchise Executives is a print report published annually in February, highlighting the star performers in a management or support role across a franchise network.

About us: our franchising portfolio

Inside Franchise Business Executive is one element of a wider franchising portfolio which brings information, news and opinion to everyone interested in the franchise sector.

In addition to the B2B channel, the consumer arm of Octomedia’s franchising porfolio includes digital, print and social channels.

FranchiseBusiness.com.au provides prospective franchisees information and direct access to 4,800+ franchises for sale in Australia.

Inside Franchise Business connects with the audience directly through a series of targeted interest newsletters , hottest opportunities and latest opportunities delivered to the potential franchisee’s inbox. The digital user can also catch the latest news and views on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Inside Franchise Business Magazine has, for 33 years, been Australia’s leading consumer print publication for the franchising sector, showcasing high performing brands and individuals, business opportunities for sale and industry trends and information.

About us: who we are

Editor: Sarah Stowe

General manager: David Strong

Sales and marketing: Charlotte Redfern

Client success manager: Dali Hofmann

Marketing manager: Allison Crowe



FranchiseBusiness.com.au is owned by Octomedia Pty Ltd (ABN 98 090 664 305).

Our head office is at Level 3, 51-57 Pitt St, Sydney, 2000 NSW, Australia.

Tel: +61-2-9901 1800.