Inside Starbucks’ latest store concept with Amazon Go

By Tong Van | 24 Nov 2021 View comments

Starbucks has partnered with Amazon to introduce a new store concept in New York City, focusing on convenience by combining Starbucks Pickup and Amazon Go.

Customers visiting the store can grab their food or drink without having to wait in line to pay. Their card will be charged after they leave the store. Meanwhile, the Starbucks Pickup store accepts orders placed through the Starbucks app before the customer arrives at the counter. The order’s status can be viewed on a digital screen.

Source: Starbucks

“The new Starbucks Pickup with Amazon Go is designed to provide our customers with an experience that effortlessly delivers convenience and connection,” said Katie Young, senior VP of global growth and development at Starbucks.

“Our goal with this new store concept is to give our customers the ability to choose which experience is right for them as they go through their day, whether it is utilising the Starbucks and Amazon apps to purchase food and beverages on the go, or deciding to stay in the lounge for the traditional third-place experience Starbucks is known for.”

Starbucks’ latest store concept adds convenience. Source: Starbucks

Located at 59th Street between Park & Lexington Avenues, the store offers Starbucks’ full menu and a curated assortment of food and beverages in the Amazon Go market, including fresh-prepared salads, sandwiches, bakery items, and snack options.

Source: Starbucks

The cafe also houses a lounge area that has individual workspaces and expanded tables with power outlets and USB ports.

According to Starbucks, similar stores are slated to open next year, including the next location planned for The New York Times Building located at 40th Street & 8th Avenue in New York City.

Starbucks’ latest store concept will be expanded to new locations. Source: Starbucks
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