JAX Tyres & Auto, new name and HQ for legacy firm

By Sarah Stowe | 13 Mar 2020 View comments

Franchised auto brand JAX Tyres has unveiled a training centre at its new headquarters, coinciding with a shift to network branding. The nuanced brand change to JAX Tyres & Auto aims to better reflect the chain’s mix of retail and mechanical expertise.

Steve Grossrieder, CEO and executive director of newly named JAX Tyres & Auto, said the brand change better articulates all facets of the business and encapsulates the brand’s customer-focused values.

 “The new identity, look and feel aren’t superficial changes. JAX Tyres & Auto fully embodies where we are as a business now, through our peace of mind driving promise to our customers and our agile retail and mechanical ecosystem facilitated through our trusted, best-in-class franchise network.”

“The majority of our customers weren’t aware that 45 per cent of our business is fast-fitting mechanical. They were introduced when we fitted out new tyres and provided a complimentary JAX Inspect safety report capturing our suite of services. So, there was a clear need to put ourselves on the front foot, align our brand with our full business model and give customers more transparency,” said Grossrieder.

Operating since 1949, the heritage business now has more than 86 stores nationally. A growing e-commerce platform allows franchisees to deliver full automotive mechanical servicing and specialised sales of tyres, wheels, brakes and suspension.

New HQ sets features training centre

The refresh comes as the legacy business unveils its headquarters in Crows Nest, Sydney.

The new HQ includes a fully operational, in-house training facility replicating a JAX bricks and mortar store. The training centre is able to simulate PoS and vehicle servicing technology.

With an elevated focus on internal learning and development for all team members to maintain retail, customer service and mechanical best practice, the training facility will enable unique upskilling opportunities for JAX mechanical teams, ensuring the network is ready to leverage evolving automotive technology, particularly in the electric vehicle market.

 “A major focus for our business is to do what we do really well while also staying ahead of industry evolution,” Grossrieder said. “From a strategic perspective, this will include integrating electric vehicle service and maintenance across our national network, with the aim to have all stores electrified in five years.”

 JAX Tyres & Auto will also be rolling out multiple stores nationally this year.

 “It’s an exciting time for JAX Tyres & Auto. We’re confident that we’re in a strong position for sustainable business growth and we look forward to this enhanced direction energising our relationships with customers, franchise network, globally ranked suppliers and stakeholders,” he said.

JAX has achieved a three per cent increase in the brand’s NPS score over the last 12 months.