Just Cuts reopens salons across Australia

By Sarah Stowe | 01 May 2020 View comments

Just Cuts is back in business. The budget-hairdressing chain will be fully operational from 11 May, with early salon openings starting on 1 May.

The only exceptions will be salons caught up in government-initiated lockdowns such as Devonport in Tasmania.

Founder and CEO Denis McFadden said “We took the decision to close our company salons in late March for a month and recommended all salons in the network do the same given the risk to our salon owners, stylists and clients was too high.”

McFadden said both clients and staff were in agreement about the risks.

“It’s obviously not been an easy decision and is an ongoing balance between keeping cash flow turning over while keeping everyone safe,” said McFadden.

Just Cuts has about 100,000 weekly salon clients.

“We wanted to do our bit to stop the spread of coronavirus. It wasn’t ideal commercially but we felt it was important to contribute as a group,” he said.

Now there is confidence that the return to work will not be a high-risk strategy.

“We feel we can safely action a soft launch operating under the strict processes recommended by government and the World Health Organisation.”

So what is Just Cuts doing to ensure a safe environment for staff and clients?

Additional hygiene steps have been introduced including distancing, additional cleaning, sanitising each styling station and tools before and after each client, and constant use of hand sanitiser.

In addition:

  • no coffee or tea
  • no magazines
  • contactless payment
  • floor stickers so that people can easily observe social distancing
  • restricted number of people in each salon with the recommended distance between each styling station
  • PPE masks
  • each franchisee has the option to restrict services which involve face to face contact eg beard trims