How to keep your staff and avoid the Great Resignation

It’s coming. Or so we’ve been told. The Great Resignation in 2022 is expected to see about 40 per cent of the workforce resign from current roles and seek new opportunities. There’s a school of thought that questions whether Australia will undergo the unemployment shift predicted for the US and elsewhere, but if we do, it’s going to seriously shake up business.

So what steps can you take to keep your staff in the face of mass job movement?

Some common issues have emerged from the work shift caused by Covid-19, when for many office workers the enforced home-office routine offered a new worklife balance.

Four ways to avoid the Great Resignation

Pia Engstrom, managing director of HR Dept Australia and director HR Dept Western Suburbs Perth, suggests looking at your business with fresh eyes to find ways to improve the offer that will help attract new staff, and also boost your chances of retaining existing employees.

Engstrom suggests four options to integrate into your business if they are not currently a part of the model:

Hybrid working

The work from home trend enforced by lockdown has given office-based employees a worklife balance they are reluctant to lose. Continue to offer both remote working and attendance in the workplace to retain flexibility.

Inclusive workplaces

Create an environment of inclusion, equality and respect within  your business.

Internal promotions

Create career paths for employees which are not just about promotion but job enrichment for those who don’t want to progress up the ladder but still want to grow in their role.


Think beyond the reactive employee assistance programs at ways to boost wellness in your staff. Consider proactive preventative programs promoting health, wellness and work-life balance.