Lone Star Rib House launches new business model

By Sarah Stowe | 26 May 2020 View comments

Lone Star has unveiled a brand extension and is targeting franchise recruitment in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia for the new business, Lonestar Rib House & Brews.

Six outlets are already open.

The Brews model is designed to appeal to a younger, pub-going crowd than the regular Lone Star customer. The drinks menu includes extended craft beer ranges, more beers on tap, alcohol milkshakes, a larger cocktail range and wine on tap.

Lone Star Rib House & Brews outlets also have primary service liquor licenses to allow for alcohol-only sales.

Gary Blyton, Lone Star general manager, told Inside Franchise Business the switch up to a pub atmosphere will boost franchisees’ profits.

 “More alcohol improves our average customer’s spend and profits for our franchisees. The Brews model has proven to help us stay relevant with both consumers and landlords.”

 Blyton said the fit-outs are welcoming and suitable for both restaurant and tavern experiences.

 Both brands will feature the new menu featuring gluten free and vegetarian options.

 There have been other innovations over the last few months.

“We have been developing a second cuisine ghost kitchen offering to allow franchisees to maximise the use of their kitchen and overall resource,” he said.

Blyton said the new offering is a South American cuisine.

 “We are confident our franchisees will be able to use this second intra brand via home delivery as a permanent part of our future operations. There is no cost to the franchisees other than the usual stock and we will be providing full training and systems. “

Delivery has also been a new development for the Lone Star brand.

“We developed and launched early into COVID-19 our own online takeaway and delivery ordering system, in conjunction with a third party platform provider. This has allowed our franchisees to self promote their store locally to drive sales in this area and avoid the very large fees that come with the big delivery platforms.”

Blyton reports sales though the in-house systemare now exceeding the sales previously achieved through Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menulog.

Lone Star has also looked to adapt its in-restaurant ordering process.

“We are now almost ready to launch at table contactless ordering so customers will have this option and given social trends we see this as a crucial new development long term.”

Lone Star is also introducing a smaller footprint counter-ordering model to the portfolio, and has opened stores in Maitland and Orange.