Maple Bear Australia set to expand bilingual learning franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 15 Sep 2021 View comments

Canadian-born Maple Bear Global Schools is a worldwide network ready to expand its bilingual childhood education throughout Australia.

Right now the brand is fielding inquiries for sites along the east coast.

Carlos Ferri, director, Maple Bear Australia told Inside Franchise Business Executive, “Maple Bear has had strong interest from potential business owners and centres across Australia in particular Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Western Suburbs, Chatswood, the CBD and the Central Coast and in Queensland the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and inner northern suburbs of Brisbane.

 “We expect the first centre to be open by the end of the year and anticipate there will be at least five centres preparing to open in the next two years.”

Ferri said that while Australia currently sits at number 23 in the global innovation index, education is still an under-invested sector.

“With a high demand for quality early childhood education throughout Australia, franchisees have the opportunity to capitalise by investing in Australia’s $2bn pre-school industry.

“A rise in federal government funding to states and territories for providing preschool services has significantly boosted revenue over most of the past five-year period, with the upwards trend expected to continue.”

The demand for high-quality bilingual education is on the increase, Ferri said.

“In Australia, where English is the primary language spoken, educational networks such as Maple Bear are designed as immersion programs, while still supporting local language requirements.

“Centres will have the option to choose the second language they would like children to be educated in based on the community and cultures in that area or centre,” he explained.