Melbourne Taco Bell launches with world-first

By Nick Hall | 10 Dec 2019 View comments

Fresh off the launch of an inaugural outlet in NSW, global icon Taco Bell has gone full speed ahead on its next Aussie endeavour. The Tex-Mex giant unveiled the maiden Melbourne Taco Bell restaurant on Friday, but that wasn’t the only first for the day.

Celebrating the Chapel St launch, Taco Bell enlisted a Melbourne icon to get the message across, with fans treated to a world-first ‘Tram-Thru’.

Fans waiting eagerly outside Tram Stop #51 on Route 78 had their orders taken, before boarding the purple, Taco Bell emblazoned locomotive. Meals were prepared fresh as the journey continued, then delivered hot as the tram ground to a halt outside the new Melbourne Taco Bell restaurant.

Melbourne Taco Bell ‘Tram-Thru’

The never-before done experience was the perfect introduction for the new Melbourne Taco Bell outlet. Fans were able to catch a glimpse of the new location, see how easy it was to travel to via public transport and get a taste of things to come.

Tamika Nelsen, Taco Bell Australia marketing manager said that utilising Melbourne’s iconic tram system enabled the brand to seamlessly integrate with the local community.

“We are extremely excited to have introduced Taco Bell to Melbourne, in a way that celebrates what the city is internationally known for – its trams,” she said.

“Drive-throughs are as iconic to Taco Bell as trams are to Melbourne, so we’re thrilled to have brought this unique experience to our fans.”

The new Melbourne Taco Bell restaurant follows a similar format to those seen elsewhere across the country. Since re-launching here in Australia in 2017, the chain has worked on establishing a contemporary dining destination that meets the demands of the often-picky local consumer.

One of the most competitive dining markets worldwide, Melbourne has for long served as the benchmark for nation-wide success, with many local and international operators desperate to break into the nation’s foodie capital.

Much has been noted about Taco Bell’s previously unsuccessful efforts to crack the scene, but with an open-plan kitchen, free WiFi, customer-curated music playlists, regular live music sessions, craft beers and frozen margaritas, the new Melbourne Taco Bell seems to have all the tools to get it right this time.

The inaugural Melbourne Taco Bell restaurant officially opened to the public on Saturday, December 7.