Over a million Australians join Chatime’s loyalty program

By Domini Stuart | 22 Jun 2022 View comments

Chatime Australia is fast approaching 1.2 million ‘Loyal-Tea’ members. The bubble tea giant, which has over 150 stores across the country, reached the milestone of one million members last November. By the latest count this had risen to 1.17 million – one in every 22 Australians.

Claire Fabb, Head of Marketing at Chatime Australia, said the success was down to the incredible work of the Chatime Australia team.

“Our primary customers are young Australians, who are all digital natives. We wanted to create a loyalty program that was as personalised and customisable as possible, so that our members could engage with Chatime in a way that was natural to them.

“Our Loyal-Tea program meets our customers wherever they are, digitally or physically. While we’re always seeking improvements, we’re proud of the quality of the product we have created, which is reflected by its steady growth and high retention rate.”

Tapping in to what customers want

Through the ‘Loyal-Tea’ app, which was developed by specialist hospitality IT platform provider Redcat, Chatime members can access exclusive benefits and features, skip queues by ordering ahead and locate their nearest store, all while being recognised for every purchase.

“Chatime Australia is a great example of what can happen when a business invests time and energy in a loyalty program that taps into what their customers truly want,” said Redcat Sales and Marketing Director, Lawrence Pelletier.

“Consumers are ordering food and beverage items in a variety of different ways today, whether it be in-store, online, via third-party delivery services or through an app. Loyalty programs that apply across all of these touchpoints is really important.

“Loyalty programs are such a valuable tool in the hospitality industry, especially when they are personalised and customisable. They can boost customer trust, improve brand awareness and, of course, increase sales.”