Minuteman Press names third-generation president

By Nick Hall | 20 Jan 2020 View comments

Many chains like to label their business a ‘family’, but for marketing and print franchise, Minuteman Press International, it’s more than just a turn of phrase.

On Friday, the US-based operation named Nick Titus as new company president, lifting him from his previous role of vice-president of marketing, but it’s hardly a surprising move.

Minuteman Press International franchisees and head office will be used to having a Titus in charge. Nick is now the third-generation president of the company, which was founded by current CEO Bob Titus and his father Roy in 1973.

“In 1995, my father Roy Titus moved aside and named me president of the company. It was the coming of the second generation taking us through the next 25 years concentrating on our Minuteman Press franchise support system,” Bob said.

“After serving as President of Minuteman Press for 25 years, I feel it is time for another change. It is time for the third generation to take the helm.”

Executive change

While Bob is set to stay on as CEO, Nick Titus will now assume the key president role, a position he has long been training for.

Nick started out as a marketing rep, working directly with franchise owners and learning the internal workings of the business, before moving into the marketing department full-time.

“Each year, I took on more and more responsibilities and became involved in different areas,” he said.

“One of the things I love about our business is that every day is a new challenge. Our owners come from so many different walks of life and it’s so enjoyable to work with them and to be able to help them succeed in owning their own business.”

Minuteman Press International goals

With a new president comes a fresh spate of ideas for Minuteman Press International. Nick Titus revealed the print and marketing franchise is set to launch a new strategy for 2020.

“The foundation and strength of our organisation relies on having dedicated franchise owners. I believe that our company is strong and we are in a very good position for continued growth,” he said.

“Our three main goals are; one – to get our stores’ average to $750,000 per year in sales; two – to get our system-wide gross sales to over half a billion dollars; and; three – to reach over 1,000 locations. We are pushing our support staff to conduct more individual meetings and evaluations to help ensure strong profitability and help make recommendations for continued growth.”

Titus has assumed the Minuteman Press International role immediately, controlling direction for the chain’s nearly 1000 independently owned and operated franchise outlets worldwide.