NexZen Accounting launches flexible franchise model

By Nick Hall | 01 Jul 2019 View comments

Bookkeeping and accountancy business NexZen Accounting has unveiled a new franchise model. The opportunity opens the door for workers with no experience in the finance sector to make a meaningful career move.

Mukesh Bajaj, NexZen Accounting founder and CEO said that franchisees are not required to hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accountancy. Instead, new entrants must be client focused and willing to commit to a completing a Cert IV qualification.

“It adds credibility, but it has to be a passion and an interest,” Bajaj said.

“The main thing is that desire is more than skill, and a skill is more than a certificate, that’s what we believe. What happens is; when you have the desire, then you get the skill.”

NexZen Accounting history

While the franchise model is fresh to market, Bajaj has successfully run the accounting firm for over seven years. The NexZen Accounting founder said that he was passionate about helping small businesses achieve their goals.

“Seven years ago, I had a dream of reducing the high failure rate of businesses. I’ve already had the journey, and now I’m just giving that to the franchisees, so that they don’t have to start from zero.”

Bajaj believes that while some industries had suffered at the hands of the banking royal commission and other economic factors, small business accounting had remained unaffected.

“The good thing about our industry is that people change jobs; today they might own a restaurant, tomorrow a pool shop, but they still need an accountant,” Bajaj said.

“I still have my clients from day one, seven years later. They can change business, but they don’t need to change accountants. The more we help our businesses to grow, the more we grow.”


Bajaj revealed that the real benefit for franchisees was an increase in flexibility and work/life balance. The accountant has been working from home for the last seven years, reducing his overheads and focusing instead on meeting the demands of clients.

“It’s not about 9 to 5, because small business can’t always talk to you between 9 to 5 and they need time to talk to you outside those hours,” Bajaj said.

“As an accountant, we have to look at how we can solve their problems, and we have the flexibility to do that. I can meet them at 6pm and then have the morning until noon off, or I can work on a Saturday and take Monday off. It’s self-directed.”

In the long-term ,Bajaj revealed that he plans to have an extensive network of NexZen Accounting franchisees. However, the primary goal is ensuring franchisee profitability remains forefront.

“My goal is 100 franchisees Australia-wide between five to ten years, but it’s not the quantity,” he said.

“If we are able to help one client achieve their goal, it starts from there. It’s not about how many this year, it’s about making sure if you are going to do one, you do it right.”

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