Op Central waives fees with $300,000 fund

By Sarah Stowe | 10 Aug 2020 View comments

Software supplier Op Central has committed to waiving $300,000 on fees for new clients as part of its overall $500,000 franchise relief fund initiative.

Op Central MD Josh Cairns told Inside Franchise Business Executive the first stage was to help existing clients who were struggling franchisors. Now the investors behind the data-driven business have pledged further funds to help a broader sweep of firms.

“We are delighted to announce that with support from our board and shareholders, we have allocated a further $300,000 to this franchise relief fund to help any Australian franchise group affected by Covid, regardless of whether they are – or have ever been – a client of Op Central.”

Op Central is a suite of enterprise management software products designed to help franchise and multisite groups stay connected, train staff, control quality, onboard staff, improve compliance, manage relationships and boost work processes.

Cairns reports a mega 718 per cent rise in system usage over the last few months.

“Many businesses are using this lockdown period to put in place systems and operational processes which will make their businesses smarter, stronger, faster and better prepared for success on the other side of this Covid crisis.

“Our business has skyrocketed at the same time our clients’ have plummeted. We’ve issued massive funding relief to brands who are already using our system. It feels like the right thing to do.”

The initial $200,000 fund has been almost exhausted with $182,500 being allocated to the firm’s hardest hit clients.

“The franchising sector makes up almost 10 per cent of Australia’s GDP and 75 per cent of our clients. It is so important for all of us that the sector remains strong and that everybody struggling knows that they are not alone in this crisis. It’s our hope that this $500,000 relief fund allows us to play our small part in making that happen,” said Cairns.

The business charges monthly fees from $250 for a small operation with a handful of staff right up to up to $13,000 for businesses with about 45,000 staff.

Using the franchise relief fund Op Central will deliver targeted services that match franchisor needs, Cairns said, and will waive both upfront and monthly fees to eligible franchisors.

Update: this article has been corrected to show that Op Central’s system usage, rather than business, has risen 718 per cent.