Papa John’s launches Papa X Cheddar clothing collaboration

US pizza giant Papa John’s is launching a Papa X Cheddar clothing collaboration, a tongue-in-cheek wearable celebration of the newest pizza range featuring one of the world’s most fashionable cheeses.

Fashion and pizza fans around the globe can now taste the new cheddar pizza range in restaurants, and adopt a pizza delivery driver ‘look’.

The Papa X Cheddar collaboration features authentic items of Papa John’s delivery driver uniform with a streetwear influence: upcycled and customised visors, parkers, polos, and statement pieces, like an original delivery driver helmet, are in the 30 items of clothing available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The racing greens, greys, and blacks of the deadstock delivery driver uniform are matched with bespoke streetwear embellishments in golds and yellows, with an aesthetic that mirrors the brand’s global Papa X Cheddar advertising campaign running in UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and El Salvador, and other markets later in June.

Available to buy worldwide, the limited ‘Ch-edition’ Papa X Cheddar range starts from the price of a large pizza with all profits going to charity.  And as another fashion first, fans can also buy some of the original items worn in the ad campaign.

Papa John’s opened its doors in 1984 and  now numbers more than 5,360 restaurants in 48 countries and territories.