Pinot and Picasso opens up new business market with virtual art

By Sarah Stowe | 08 Apr 2020 View comments

Pinot & Picasso is taking its studio-based art classes online and heading for a brand new market: virtual team building.

Director James Crowe told Inside Franchise Business “We’re launching virtual team building to break into businesses spread between homes.”

It’s a great way to consolidate team culture, he said.

“It’s closest to providing studio environment while everyone is confined to home and it opens up a dialogue to do something with work mates. ”

The virtual art session using Zoom provides fresh opportunity for franchisees.

Each session replicates the in-studio step by step process and interaction with the host. All art materials are provided in the per head cost.

“We ran this with Atlassian last Friday and are now taking it to market. We  had great feedback. They pride themselves on team culture and saw this as a way to invigorate this and stay ahead of the curve.”

Crowe believes the online switch up has larger applications and online team building will be particularly relevant to multinationals.

“It could have a global implication down the path,” he said.

Long term he plans to look at how to reset the business to include this alongside the main studio business.

“We’re super excited about this, though so many people are doing it tough. The feedback from franchisees is that we are moving to ensure their longevity. We’re still a small franchise operation, their success is at the forefront of our mind.”

Franchisee support

Pinot & Picasso launched an art box online 10 days ago, and has had a strong response to the merchandising initiative.

“We’ve moved 1000 units, which is pretty crazy. It’s all organic, it’s gone way beyond our client base, even as far as Adelaide.

“It’s been a really good move from us. Money is going back to franchisees, though margins are low with delivery costs, we profit split between head office and each franchisee.”

Crowe reports encouraging news on studio rental deals with some franchisees securing three months rental holiday.

On the growth of the business, Crowe said it’s “wait and see”.

“We have 15 open deals but we can’t open studio doors. We’ve got a lot of people on hold until we get to the end of social distancing.”