Quest’s multi-million dollar campaign unveiled

Quest Apartment Hotels’ franchisees are set to take centre stage in a multi-million-dollar, omni-channel campaign, ‘As Local As You Like It’.

The campaign emphasises the local nature of each Quest location and the wealth of local knowledge held by franchisees.

The new brand platform will be ready to meet the expected surge in domestic travel, as the pandemic-hit tourism industry starts to rejuvenate. 

David Mansfield, managing director of Ascott Australia (Quest Apartment Hotels), said “The past 19 months have taken a great personal toll on individual business owners and their dedicated service staff in the Quest network, and I’m continually taken aback by the resilience that’s been demonstrated.

“Despite the ongoing hardship, our purpose is to make corporate stay effortless. Our new brand platform which aims to build a stronger emotional connection with consumers is vital to its realisation,” he said.

According to Jeff Baars, chief marketing officer, the new brand platform is the result of more than 12 months’ work involving extensive brand health and market research. The studies revealed space within the sector in line with shifting consumer desires. 

“What we know from our research is that guests value the effortless guest experience and consistency that big box hotel brands typically provide but relish the charisma and charm of boutique and independent operations where they feel like they’re able to authentically connect with the local soul. With that insight, we could see the opportunity within reach, and direction we ought to take to cultivate stronger brand preference,” Baars said.

“Under the new campaign, we will connect our guests with the ‘never-would-have-knowns’; the esoteric gems that every destination has, if you just know where to look.”

Baars emphasises the important part franchisees play in the brand message.

“Our local business owners with skin in the game are our greatest asset. The new platform is about highlighting and building upon the personable, customer-centric approach we have always had, and making it the brand’s focal point.”

While the Quest logo will remain, the new platform developed by The Core Agency will see Quest refresh its brand identity; the guest experience will also be enhanced.

The brand platform will be unveiled in the market with a campaign managed remotely from Melbourne and Sydney throughout lockdown.

“Our new TV ad aims to depict the diversity of the Quest guest. While our core audience has always been the business traveller, that persona is not as linear as it once was, or at least was viewed and portrayed to be,” said Baars. 

The campaign will run across metropolitan and regional free to air, subscription and catch-up television, outdoor, catch-up TV, TrueView, paid social, press, digital display and via content partnerships.