Real estate chain launches high performers franchise model

By Sarah Stowe | 30 Apr 2021 View comments
The privately-owned real estate business Coronis is launching a high-performers franchise model designed to deliver better value for successful franchisees.
Carmel Kellett, the national head of franchising at Coronis, said “If you’re a real estate franchise in Australia today the better your business gets the more you pay for the privilege of operating it. It’s counterintuitive.”

Instead, Coronis’ is offering high performing real estate agents a fixed fee option.

“We have a fixed fee model, therefor the higher performing offices receive considerable financial benefit. With a number of the offices we’ve spoken to we have been able to add $300,000 per annum to their bottom line,” Kellett told Inside Franchise Business Executive.

The decision to change the franchise fee model to a will give high-performing real estate agents the tangible value they seek, rather than focusing on value-adds, she said.

Coronis has been under private ownership for 35 years and has 25 offices in south east Queensland.

Kellett, who has been in the sector for 25 years, said the brand’s agents already outperform the industry.

“One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that if you try to be all things to everyone you’ll end up offering a second rate solution to people that don’t value your offering.

“Our focus is clear, our new approach to franchising only suits high performing offices (typically paying around $200,000 in franchise fees) that want to increase and diversify their revenue streams, reduce their costs and improve their systems, and most importantly, have an exit plan.”