RFG’s leasing boss Ben Hatten joins BDC Partners

By Sarah Stowe | 04 Aug 2020 View comments

BDC Partners has scooped up RFG’s head of leasing who joins the newly launched firm as managing director of franchise recruitment.

Ben Hatten was with the multi-brand food franchisor for more than three years, including roles as national account manager and national sales manager.

BDC Partners unveiled its one-stop-shop business model last week, headed up by CEO David Lindsay and fellow partners Bruce McFarlane at BlueRock Group, and Jon Sully of BDC Property.

Lindsay told Inside Franchise Business Executive, the business aims to give clients access to the best-in-market talent.

“With franchise recruitment, it was absolutely essential we partner with experienced franchise recruiters who understand how to truly grow a great business and brand with transparency, integrity and the ability to say no.

“Ben Hatten represents this vision for our recruitment,” said Lindsay.

“With his extensive experience in franchising, Ben has recruited for a wide variety of systems, from man in a van to large food and beverage, he knows and understands the type of attitude and capability a person requires for each system.

“Ben has seen first hand the ups and downs of franchise recruitment, and understands how important the franchisor and franchisee relationship is to the success of the system.”

Hatten had already been working with BDC property for about,15 months in his previous role at RFG, which used the property firm as its external leasing department.

“What impressed me the most was their level of integrity and accountability, which unfortunately seems to be becoming a rare commodity these days,” Hatten told Inside Franchise Business Executive.

Hatten backs the vision for the business to “reset the status quo that would allow us to bring back transparency, accountability and integrity back into franchising”.

“For me that starts with a rigorous recruitment process as well as partnering with solid franchise systems.”

Hatten said the team is in the final stages of building the systems for a tailored, end-to-end recruitment process.

“We are only presenting high quality candidates that have the financial capacity and personality profile that fit with a particular brand,” he said.

Hatten said the the team of experienced ex-franchisors and franchisees can deliver growth in a cost-effective model for the franchisor.

“It’s about taking an integrated role with the franchisor,” he said.