Soul Origin CEO departs

By Sarah Stowe | 17 Jun 2019 View comments

CEO Chris Mavris will leave Soul Origin on 30 June 2019.

Mavris joined the food franchise as GM nearly six years ago, then in July 2017 took on the CEO role.

He has led the healthy fast food chain to grow from two outlets to a network of 107 stores.

Mavris told Inside Franchise Business he was ready for a new challenge and a “fresh pair of eyes” would give the brand a boost. “You have to know when it’s time,” he said.

“I feel we have achieved what I challenged myself to do and more, so now is the right time to pass the baton onto someone else.”

Mavris reflected on his tenure at Soul Origin and pointed to the keys to success franchise development. He said it is important to know the customer and to over-deliver on expectations on a daily basis.

“You need good franchise partners and good systems to support them,” he pointed out. “It’s about relationships and collaboration. That’s the way we’ve grown this business, as a partnership not as a master/servant relationship.”

Soul Origin will replace CEO with MD

Mavris announced his departure on LinkedIn.

“I have challenged and reinvented myself numerous times over the six years. I believe we have developed a strong and respected brand in a dynamic market place, through an inner belief of what is possible with a good team and a clear vision. My single-minded drive and inner belief in the brand and people was what ensured its success.

“I would like to add a special mention to the founders who entrusted me to bring their vision to light and allowed me to take their baby and make it my own,” he wrote.

Soul Origin issued a statement to Inside Franchise Business. ” Soul Origin cherishes every moment, all the wins and challenges in the past six years. We wish Chris every success in the next chapter of his career. One of the co-founders will be stepping in as managing director.”

The company declined to comment further on the leadership role.