Soul Origin steps up in Vegemite toast debate

By Dean Blake | 03 Apr 2019 View comments

Cafe chain Soul Origin is giving away a free slice of Vegemite toast with any coffee purchase on Wednesday, after an impromptu national debate broke out yesterday over the correct amount of Vegemite on a slice of toast.

The debate started when a customer took issue with the scant serving of Vegemite on their toast and posted an image to the Breakfast sub-Reddit page, calling the Soul Origin cafe in the Domestic Terminal of Sydney Airport that served it to them “un-Australian”.

The image was widely shared across social media, where thousands of Vegemite fans and haters weighed in.

“I’m fairly sure that’s illegal in Australia,” one Redditor commented on the original photo, while another noted, “I hate the stuff and even I know that isn’t quite enough.”

On the other side of the fence, some pushed for the option to throw the toast in the bin and replace it with peanut butter instead.

Soul Origin chief executive Chris Mavris took the frenzy in stride. He released a statement Tuesday afternoon announcing customers would receive a free slice of Vegemite toast with any coffee purchase on Wednesday, and encouraging customers to tell their local cafe exactly how they like it.

“There’s nothing more Australian than Vegemite on toast but it’s no secret that everyone has their own personal way of enjoying this national delicacy,” Mavris said.

This article first appeared on Inside Retail, a sibling site to Inside Franchise Business.